Privacy policy

Since Soft Wetware is a Blogger blog hosted entirely by Google, I don't personally collect any information about you except what you publicly post in comments. However, some third parties collect information from you, and I use some of that information. Here's how.
  • My RSS/Atom feed is formatted by FeedBurner. When you read or subscribe to it, Google collects and handles your information according to its own privacy policy.
  • I use Google Analytics, whose use of your information is described at I enable anonymous data sharing with Google. I may occasionally publish statistics from Analytics, but only in an aggregate form, and only when they relate to at least 10 unique visitors. I'll mostly use it to decide where I'm promoting Soft Wetware most successfully, and how popular a post topic is likely to be.
  • Where the title of a book appears in italics as a hyperlink, I am promoting it on's behalf as an Amazon Associate. Amazon may use JavaScript, cookies and/or image tracking to collect information about you if you visit a post that has such a link, and they may use other methods to do so if you open the link. See the Privacy Notice for details.
  • Google and the AdSense third-party ad networks (listed at use tracking cookies to serve ads relevant to you based on other sites you've visited. You can opt out of some of these cookies, but not all, at